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Residential Professionals
Become Known as the Real Deal Expert in your local market.
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Identify Real Deals in your area
Our system automatically identifies the best investment property deals -- Real Deals -- in your area by picking out properties based on their discount to value and price per square foot. These deals provide a starting point for your clients interested in investing in property. Your clients can analyze these properties using our interactive dashboard to discover their investment potential.
Add properties and create Top Picks
To guide your clients in the buying process, you can pull out properties from our feed or deals you add in yourself and present them as your “Top Picks.” This feature allows you to present these properties with additional information – such as pricing assumptions, rental income, and different financing options – and how they affect a property's performance. Helping your clients visualize these returns increases their interest in your portfolio.
Invite your clients to Analyze deals
The eRealAdvantage system is designed to be a private label portal for your clients to get access to the best deals in your market. We’ve created both an invitation system if you want to keep your portal private, as well as a registration system if you want to display your portal on your website and allow your visitors to opt in. Once they are active clients within your system, your clients will have full access to all of eRealInvestor’s properties and features – complete with your branding.
Automatically email new properties to clients
To maintain your presence as a Real Deal specialist, we have incorporated a drip marketing system into eRealAdvantage that emails your clients with the latest Deals. At the frequency of your choice, our system will analyze properties and send out new deals to your clients to check out. In this market, everyone is looking for great investment opportunities, and the best way to keep them interested is to automatically send them out.
Monitor your clients’ activity
Any time one of your clients logs into your portal, analyzes a property, or opens one of your Real Deal emails, you receive an email notification of their activity. The key benefit of these alerts is it continually lets you know who is serious about buying, and who you need to be following up with. Our system also has a messaging service so you can discuss buying strategies directly with your client.
Customize your private label portal
Our system has many levels of customization, depending on your business. Some agents prefer to embed their portal on their website, using their own branding, while others prefer a stand-alone site. Some agents allow clients to analyze their properties from their landing page, while others agents prefer clients to log in first. We can work with you to determine the best fit for your business.
Create Branded PDF Reports
Need a summary sheet to highlight the key financials and graphs of how an investment property will perform? This one click away PDF file will compile all the relevant property analyses and information and can easily be sent via email or posted to your social network. Not only do these reports contain all the necessary property financial information, they also display all of your branding for mass distribution.
Share your reports on Facebook
Kick off a next generation marketing campaign. Integrate Real Deal PDF reports in Facebook and Twitter, and host webinars attracting buyers focused on deals.
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Questions? Call us now at 415-992-3430 x803
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