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Commercial Brokers
Get a Virtual Deal Room and
Quick Online Analysis with eRealAdvantage
The days of performing analysis in Excel and sending your clients Offering Memorandums
are over. eRealAdvantage delivers commercial property analysis for the Internet age.
Your clients can enter your portal anytime and immediately gain access to deals.
The best part? You are notified immediately whenever they analyze a listing!

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Click here to see a demonstration | Click here to try the Commercial Analyzer
Create branded PDF reports
Need a summary sheet to highlight the key financials and graphs of how a commercial property will perform? This one-click away PDF file will pull out all the relevant financial ratios and can easily be sent via email or posted to your social network. Not only do these reports contain all the necessary property financial information, they also display your contact information and branding for widespread distribution.
Invite your clients to Analyze deals
The eRealAdvantage system is designed to be a private label portal for your clients to get access to the best commercial real estate deals in your market. We’ve created both an invitation system if you want to keep your portal private, as well as a registration system if you want to display your portal on your website and allow your visitors to opt in. Once they are active clients within your system, your clients will have full access to all of eRealInvestor’s properties and features – all with your branding.
Monitor your clients’ activity
Any time one of your clients logs into your portal, analyzes a property, or opens one of your featured property emails, you receive an email notification of their activity. The key benefit of these alerts is it continually lets you know who is serious about buying, and who you need to be following up with. Our system also has a messaging service so you can discuss buying strategies directly with your client.
Perform "what-if" analysis dynamically
Our unique sensitivity analysis allows a potential buyer to dynamically change the value of the input – and then see in real time how that changes both the key metrics and the graphs. This answers all of a buyer’s "what if" questions about a property, such as "What do I need to offer to make this an 8-cap," "What is my cash flow I put down 40% instead of 20%," or "What happens to the cap rate when we get to market rents?"
Export to Excel in 1 click
These Excel sheets contain complete Annual Property Operating Data and are a great way to present the property to your client’s financial advisor or accountant.
Enter multiple leases
A new feature to the eRealAnalyzer has been the ability to add up to 20 different leases into the analysis. Leases can be entered as either the price per month or year, or as a price per square foot. The full lease schedule can be exported to Excel to add to your marketing materials.
Click here to see a demonstration | Click here to try the Commercial Analyzer
Get me started with a subscription
Questions? Call us now at 415-992-3430 x803
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