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Brokers, Auctioneers & Property Listing Sites
Add 1-click Property Analysis to Your Web Site
eRealAnalyzer is the real estate industry’s first one-click away analysis solution. Thousands of property listing sites are
using eRealAnalyzer to enable prospective buyers – homebuyers and investors, both residential and commerical -
to determine the short- and long-term investment potential of a property with a single click.

Questions? Call us now at 415-992-3430 x803
Join other industry leaders
in providing buyers the best tools and data
There’s a reason why RealtyTrac, ZipRealty, Wall Street Journal, RE/MAX New York, Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies, Real Estate One (Michigan), Bid4Assets, and dozens of other real estate industry leaders are at the top of their respective niches. They provide their clients - or their clients’ clients, as the case may be - with the best tools and data to make real-time decisions. One of these tools is eRealAnalyzer.
Investor guide by RE/MAX
See how leading brands who have adopted our solution are embracing the investor segment in this investment friendly market. With their site equipped to engage investor buyers, top brokers who have the eRealAnalyzer are now poised to dominate the hottest segment of the market. See this Investor Guide created by REMAX North Central... click here to see how they are engaging investment-minded buyers.
Increase time spent on your site
Users of eRealAnalyzer typically spend up to twenty minutes analyzing properties using the eRealAnalyzer. With your company’s brand in front of the prospective buyer for that period of time, the chance that you will be remembered and contacted in the future is much greater!
Capture well qualified leads –
People who want to do Analysis
When websites require buyers to register before analyzing a property, the conversion rate is typically 2% to 5%. These buyers are the buyers you want! They are serious – they care about numbers and they are a step ahead in the financing game, as many of them are pre-qualified for a mortgage.
Find out which buyers are investors
and which are homebuyers
Many websites do not realize how many buyers that are coming to their sites are actually investors. The eRealAnalyzer system allows buyers to specify which type of buyer they are – which is invaluable information for professionals serving these clients.
Help buyers understand rental potential
eRealAnalyzer includes rent estimates from the local market. All buyers should understand current rents and rent trends. In addition, many of today’s deals are attractive because they will earn substantial rents. This is appealing both for homebuyers and investors, as high rental rates ensure that the property’s value will be maintained. If a homebuyer needs to move, he will be able to hold onto the property.
Simplify multi-unit analysis
Our system has many levels of customization, depending on your business. Some partners prefer to embed their portal on their website, using their own branding, while others prefer a stand-alone site. Some allow clients to analyze their properties from their landing page, while others prefer clients to log in first. We can work with you to determine the best way to fit our solution into your business model.
Questions? Call us now at 415-992-3430 x803
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